Why is Greenline 40 an Evergreen?

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Definition of evergreen :

– a plant having foliage that remains green and functional through more than one growing season

– something that retains its freshness, interest, or popularity

If there is a small yacht that deserves to be called an evergreen the Greenline 40 Hybrid surely qualifies. Twelve years after her launch in 2011 and after more than 100 units delivered this model not only matured but actually

gained on actuality and is attracting more market than ever. This decade also brought much better understanding of actual use and advantages of such a hybrid boat . Udo of Greenline USA is explaining how

the Greenline 40 Hybrid will improve your boating experience and life aboard in this interesting video made in Florida. The video clearly explains how such a small yacht not only makes your boating responsible and sustainable

but  improves your fun and convenience aboard at the same time. J&J Design as the founder of Greenline created the 40 and invites you to watch at the link:



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Our loyal client from Finland, the famous aluminium boats builder XO, won the prestigious Motorboat Award 2023 for the XO DFNDR 9. The award is hosted by the British Motor Boat & Yachting magazine and XO won the prize in the Adventure Boats category. J&J executed the naval architecture and engineering of the 9 m XO, and the exterior design was drawn in a shared effort between Jaakko Kantola and our office. XO continues its success conquering new markets which want a fast, seaworthy, strong,  practical and reliable boat for a true adventure in any weather or sea conditions. Bravo XO, we are proud to have been given the opportunity to work with you.


Photo credits: Aquila, Facebook


75000 readers of Southern Boating Magazine voted for the Best Power Catamaran on the market. Aquila range of powercats won the award , with comment by the editor : “Every Aquila Power Catamaran delivers
exceptional performance and reliability and offers best-in-class features.”

Aquila range from 32 to 70 feet was exclusively designed and engineered by J&J Design. The brand grew in less than 10 years from start to the most important power catamaran builder in the world.

The builder, Sino Eagle in Fuyang, China, and MarineMax of USA achieved an incredible success and we were proud to be part of it!


Photo credits: saxdoryachts.com


The traditional Motorboats Awards in England were announced on January 25th 2022. The winner in the heavily contested Sportboats over 30 feet category was Saxdor 320 GTO – winning also over the Fairline F33 in a fraternal battle…

The second model of the new range was arguably the best selling boat on the planet in 2021 and put the Saxdor in the position of fastest growing new brand in the world. A practical family boat of great value with which a 50 knot ride is “a walk in the park” as stated in reviews.

The boat was entirely designed by J&J office (naval architecture, exterior and interior design, engineering). We are proud to be given a chance to share the success with Saxdor.



Photo credits: Valtteri Hirvonen 


The video contains a good explanation of XO DNA. Scandinavian boating culture winning the world markets with its simplicity, practicality, strength and design.


J&J is proud to provide design for this prestigious builder of the best small aluminium boats on the planet.


Saxdor 320 GTO review on MBY


Photo credits: Saxdor Yachts


The new Saxdor 320 GTO went beyond any expectation during the test drive of Motor Boat & Yachting.

Great handling, solidity of the construction and an exciting cockpit layout are only few of the features praised during the review.


J&J provided design, naval architecture and engineering.


Aquila 54 Wins the Multihull of the Year Award

Aquila 54, the new project of the world’s largest power catamaran builder, Chinese Sino Eagle, won the 2021 Multihull of the year award, announced by Multihulls World magazine. Aquila 54 shared the podium with CAT 12, a fully-electric catamaran project. As all Aquila models, the 54 was designed by J&J Design, including naval architecture, exterior/interior design, and engineering. Compliments to the builder, and the MarineMax conceptual team led by Lex Raas. The fast growth of the Aquila fleet enabled the brand to dominate the power multihull arena from skratch in less than ten years.

This prize brings the list of J&J signed awarded boats to number 116.

Aquila 70 unveiled at the Palm Beach Boat Show

Clearwater, Florida: On March 22nd, 2021, the flagship of the Aquila range, the Aquila 70 Luxury Power Catamaran, debuted at the 35th Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Alain Raas, Aquila Brand Manager comments, “This breathtaking and powerful catamaran is like nothing you have ever stepped aboard. With an aesthetically pleasing design at every angle, the Aquila 70 embodies the stunning luxury yacht that it is. Gorgeous lines, super balanced, intelligent luxury, and so much more.”

J&J Design provided the naval architecture, interior and exterior design, and engineering for this project.

Congratulations to Sino Eagle, the builder, for immaculate execution of this new class of large power catamarans, and to MarineMax with Lex Raas for visionary conceptual and creative support.

To discover more about Aquila 70 please visit :





Saxdor 320 presented

On February 8the Finnish new powerboat player Saxdor Yachts presented the second model of the range, the 320. Max Malmström and Ludvig Liljequist spoke about the 320 features and their first driving experience. Max says that 50 knots on the 320 is ” a walk in the park”… J&J supplied design, naval architecture, and engineering for the boat. You are welcome to take a look at the review:




photo credit: Saxdor Yachts

Saxdor 200 nominated for the European Boat of the Year Award

Saxdor continues its success story: Saxdor 200 was nominated among the five finalists of the most prestigeous award existing in yachting. Called also Oscar of the watersports the European Boat of the Year Award will be made known during the Düsseldorf boat show in January 2021.

The yachts of the J&J Design office already hold 12 of European Awards, evenly distributed between sail and power projects (6 and 6).

Compliments to Saxdor 200 concept developer Sakari Mattila, and the whole Saxdor team.


photo credit: Saxdor Yachts