Fairline Squadron 58 (with Fairline in-house design team) : Motorboat Awards 2024

The 2024 Motorboat awards were revealed on January 23rd 2024.  In the Flybridges up to 60 feet category the winner was Fairline Squadron 58.

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A Monograph of J&J Studio Published

We are proud to announce the publication of the monograph entitled Forty Years of J&J Design Studio. The book covers the (first) four decades of the work of our office.

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AQUILA RANGE OF POWER CATAMARANS is nominated “READERS CHOICE AWARD” for the second consecutive year

We are proud to report that the Aquila Power Catamaran range has been awarded with the “Favorite power catamaran – Reader’s choice award” for the second consecutive year.

Choosing from 41 different categories, the readers have chosen the Aquila model range for the second year in a row. Ranging from 28 to 70 feet, the Aquila range of power catamarans deliver exceptional performance and reliability while offering best-in-class features with immense space and comfort.

The Aquila 70 is the flagship of the current range, keeping aesthetics, speed and comfort as the driving force behind the design brief. J&J Design, which is responsible for all of Aquila’s models, was tasked with creating a sleek profile. Using tinted glass, curves and a raked superstructure, J&J design was able to present a solution which made the yacht look like a 70-foot monohull when looked at from the side.


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Luxury Power Catamarans | Aquila Power Catamarans (aquilaboats.com)

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XO DFNDR 9 awarded with the Design of the Year, Slovenia 2023 (Zavod Big, Oblikovanje leta 2023)

The XO DFNDR 9 has been awarded the title “Design of the Year in Slovenia” (Oblikovanje leta 2023)  by Zavod Big.

The XO DFNDR 9 is a new addition to the XO fleet and is designed to be a true pathfinder, enabling continuous exploring even in unknown waters. The boat offers safety at sea while ensuring comfort, and is equipped with two Mercury 225 V6 engines to allow the vessel to reach a top speed of over 45 knots. The boat’s deep-V shape hull is manufactured using military-grade aluminum and state-of-the-art fiberglass, making it an attractive choice for a superyacht chase boat as well as for professional use. The aft deck and bow areas can be turned into enormous sunbeds, while private head and berths for two enable a comfortable overnight stay.


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DFNDR 9 – XO Boats


YOT 36 unveiled at the Cannes boat show

Catana Group has presented a new product to the world, and it goes by the name of YOT 36. Catana Shipyard, already celebrated for their exceptional catamarans, has now entered the realm of outboard-powered catamarans, setting the stage for a revolution in leisure and luxury at sea: as the fastest-growing catamaran builder globally, Catana’s foray into this exciting new range promises unparalleled convenience, socializing, and on-board entertainment.


The YOT 36: A Game-Changer in Outboard-Powered Catamarans

 European interpretation of an outboard-powered catamaran: a full-scope deck convenience coupled with comfortable overnight capacity.


Catana’s YOT 36 is poised to redefine the world of outboard-powered catamarans. Designed with a keen focus on convenience and socializing, this new range delivers a full spectrum of activities and entertainment while ensuring ultimate comfort on deck.


Key Features of the YOT 36:

Outboard Power: The YOT 36 is equipped with powerful outboard engines, offering responsive performance and good maneuverability. These engines bring convenience to the cruising experience, while maintaining eco-friendliness.

Deck for Entertainment: The YOT 36 boasts a spacious deck that is a true playground for enthusiasts of all ages. Whether sunbathing, socializing with friends and family or enjoying water sports, this catamaran offers the perfect setting.

Overnight Comfort: Despite its focus on fun and entertainment, the YOT 36 doesn’t compromise on comfort. With two separate double berths and two en-suite toilets, it provides a comfortable space for overnight stays, allowing you to further extend your adventures.


Catana Shipyard: Leading the Way in Catamaran Innovation

As the fastest-growing catamaran builder globally, Catana Shipyard’s expertise in catamaran design and construction is unparalleled. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what catamarans can offer, has led to the creation of the YOT 36 – an embodiment of luxury, leisure, and versatility. [Discover Catana].


YOT 36: A Sea of Possibilities

With the YOT 36, Catana Shipyard invites you to embark on a journey where convenience meets adventure and luxury meets freedom. Whether you’re cruising along the coastline, anchoring in tranquil bays, or hosting unforgettable on-board gatherings, this catamaran opens a world of possibilities.

The YOT 36 catamaran is not just a vessel; it’s an experience waiting to be had. For those seeking a harmonious blend of comfort and excitement on the open waters, Catana Shipyard’s YOT 36 is the embodiment of leisure, luxury, and limitless possibilities.

To explore more about the YOT 36 and Catana Shipyard’s range of innovative catamarans, please visit the official [Discover Catana].


About Catana Shipyard: Catana Shipyard is a world-renowned catamaran manufacturer celebrated for its innovative designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and commitment to delivering the ultimate cruising experience. With the introduction of the YOT 36, Catana continues to push the boundaries of catamaran excellence, catering to the evolving needs of modern boaters.

Discover YOT’s Luxury Motor Catamarans


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BMW/Tyde Icon Electric Foiling Yacht turning heads at the Cannes boat show 2023

Cannes, France – The beautiful shores of Cannes have played host to the second remarkable spectacle of this year: the BMW/Tyde Icon Electric Foiling Yacht has made its debut at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2023, and has just been presented to the boating public at the Cannes boat show (September 12 to 17). This innovative creation is sending ripples throughout the yachting world, capturing the attention of celebrities, industry leaders, and maritime enthusiasts alike. It’s not often that a marine vessel shares the limelight with Hollywood stars, but the BMW/Tyde Icon Electric Foiling Yacht did just that, solidifying its status as a true icon in the world of luxury yachting. In September of 2023, the Cannes boat show week proved to be the perfect timing to present the Icon to a broader public.



The Cannes boat show has provided the perfect backdrop for the broader public unveiling of this groundbreaking yacht. The BMW/Tyde Icon Electric Foiling Yacht is a fusion of cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and sheer elegance. This electric-powered foiling yacht promises a cruising experience like no other, combining innovation and eco-consciousness in a stunning design, offering more than 50 nautical miles of range at 23 knots of speed.


Key features of the BMW/Tyde Icon are:

Foiling Technology: The yacht is equipped with advanced computer-controlled foiling technology, allowing it to glide gracefully above the water’s surface, reducing the drag by up to 80%. This innovation minimizes energy consumption, increases speed, and offers a completely smooth ride over waves of up to 1.1 meters.

Advanced naval architecture: The hull and the foils have been created by Guillaume Verdier, a renowned naval architect responsible for creating the Hydraplaneur, the worlds first large scale foiling sailing boat, and two latest winning America’s Cup foiling monohulls. The hull lines produce a high level of stability at anchor and displacement speeds, while requiring a minimal amount of speed for take-off.

Electric Propulsion: The yacht is powered by a state-of-the-art electric propulsion system, based on BMW i3 Lithium batteries and making it not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly. It promises silent, emissions-free cruising, ensuring minimal impact on marine ecosystems. The 44-foot electric foiler is capable of reaching speeds of up to 32.5 knots, with a cruising speed around 25 knots.

Modular luxurious Interiors: Inside, the yacht boasts opulent interiors designed to pamper guests with the utmost comfort and style. From spacious cabins to a gourmet kitchen and an expansive lounge, every detail is meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled onboard experience.

Sustainability: The BMW/Tyde Icon Electric Foiling Yacht is just as much about luxury as it is about sustainability. Its eco-friendly design aligns with the global movement towards greener, more responsible boating.

Adaptive hull platform:

The hull can be used for different superstructure programs, with an open and a hard-top dayboat in the works.


The Future of Luxury Yachting

Throughout the Cannes Film Festival in May of 2023, the BMW/Tyde Icon Electric Foiling Yacht drew a crowd of Hollywood stars and other admirers who marveled at its sleek lines and innovative features. Industry experts noted that the BMW/Tyde Icon Electric Foiling Yacht represents a significant step towards the future of yachting, where sustainability and cutting-edge technology converge to redefine luxury at sea.

Now presented at the Cannes boat show 2023, the BMW/Tyde Icon Electric Foiling Yacht left an indelible mark on the maritime and entertainment worlds. Its fusion of performance, sustainability, and opulence is setting new standards in luxury yachting. With its innovative design and eco-conscious approach, this remarkable yacht has ignited excitement and anticipation among yachting enthusiasts worldwide. The BMW/Tyde Icon Electric Foiling Yacht is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of luxury at sea, and it has firmly established itself as a true icon in the making.

J&J Design was responsible for the conceptual work, detail design, engineering, tooling, build and testing of this yacht.

For more information and to explore this groundbreaking yacht further, please visit the Tyde | Homepage.

Read more about the Icon at the BMW official webpage:   THE ICON: electromobility on the water

Click the below link to see the Youtube video test run of the Icon, done by a real professional: Jack Haines of  Yacht Buyer. Specially interesting is to see the full champagne glass resting on the table during flight at 25 knots in a vivid sea…

 Driving BMW’s €2,000,000 Flying Superboat! – YouTube

Mention of J&J Design: https://youtu.be/gcMJP3N7nU0?t=97

Champagne:                      https://youtu.be/gcMJP3N7nU0?t=913

200 Aquila 36 Power Catamarans delivered

In a remarkable testament to its appeal, the Aquila 36 has been embraced by 200 proud owners worldwide since its debut.

The Aquila 36 power catamaran is the result of the long-lasting collaboration between Sino Eagle, the world’s largest power catamaran producer, based in China, and J&J Design.


A Marvel of Design and Craftsmanship

Born in a common effort between Lex Raas of Marine Max , J&J Design and Sino Eagle, the Aquila 36 represents a milestone in the world of power catamarans. As Sino Eagle – the world’s largest power catamaran producer – continues to innovate, boating enthusiasts can anticipate future designs that will continue to redefine tomorrow’s industry standards. It is a pinnacle of collaboration between Sino Eagle’s rich heritage of boatbuilding excellence, and J&J Design’s innovative approach to boat design. This partnership has yielded a 36-foot power catamaran that seamlessly blends form and function, promising an unparalleled boating experience for enthusiasts of all levels, setting a new standard in power catamaran design. Its twin-hull configuration provides stability and efficiency, suitable for leisurely cruises and high-speed adventures alike. The thoughtfully designed interior offers luxurious comfort and panoramic water views, making every voyage an unforgettable experience.

With an impressive 120,000 square meters of facilities and a workforce of 600 skilled employees, Sino Eagle’s reputation as the world’s largest power catamaran producer is built on a relentless commitment to quality and innovation. The Aquila 36 is a testament to their ongoing pursuit of excellence, with more groundbreaking products on the horizon.

For those seeking a blend of performance, comfort, and style, the Aquila 36 is a symbol of maritime excellence.

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The Aquila 36 Power Catamaran Reviewed | Yachting (yachtingmagazine.com)

The Icon

The concept of a full-electric foiling boat that promotes electric mobility was born through the collaboration of Peter Dengler and Tom Allemeier from BMW, as well as Tyde founders Tobias Hoffritz and Christoph Ballin.

J&J Design was invited to join forces with them to bring the concept to life, participating in creating the overall design, providing naval architecture and engineering. We called in the naval architecture expertise of our friend Guillaume Verdier and his team. With a winning background in designing America’s Cup foiling boats, Verdier’s team brought crucial insights and cutting-edge know-how, resulting in a top-notch foil and hull design. Additionally, J&J conducted a comprehensive study on composite technology, exploring how different composite materials could be effectively utilized in a production setup.

In 2022, J&J designed, engineered, and built a test foiling electric monohull, which underwent testing in Portoroz, Slovenia. The boat’s composite construction was built using CNC machined tools and utilized vacuum-infused vinyl ester/carbon technology for the hull and a combination of carbon/epoxy and CNC machined stainless steel for the appendages. The propulsion arrangement features double forward-facing counter-rotating propellers.

Through several months of testing in various wave, wind, and maneuvering conditions, the team was able to optimize the flight software, ensuring optimal performance. The test boat underwent numerous load cases to simulate different superstructures planned for the hull, propulsion, and engineering platform. The flight software and actuators were supplied by Pixel-sur-Mer from France.

The ICON superstructure and interior were designed by BMW DesignWorks. J&J Design then engineered and constructed the new boat using the same naval architecture, engineering, propulsion, and foiling system that had been successfully tested on the prototype.

Tyde was responsible for engineering and supplying the steering system and an innovative driver interface, as well as developing a new flight controller software.

The teams are currently working on new superstructure solutions to cater to different boating pleasure and professional programs.

The results of this exceptional teamwork, dedication, and passion exhibited by all the development teams exceeded expectations and led to the completion of the project in a remarkably short timeframe.

The boat is now ready for production, with a production run scheduled for the second half of 2023.


Main Dimensions:

Length Overall (LOA): 13.15 m
Beam: 4.5 m
Loaded Displacement: up to 11 tons
Batteries: 6 x 42 kWh BMW i3
Propulsion: 2 x 100 kW Electric Motors
Cruising Speed: 24 knots
Maximum Speed: Up to 33 knots, depending on propeller diameter and pitch
Displacement Range: 200 nautical miles at 5 knots
Foiling Range: over 50 nautical miles


The Icon Prototype

the test boat, photo Japec Jakopin

the Icon, photo Tyde

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Why is Greenline 40 an Evergreen?

Photo credits: greenlinehybrid.com


Definition of evergreen :

– a plant having foliage that remains green and functional through more than one growing season

– something that retains its freshness, interest, or popularity

If there is a small yacht that deserves to be called an evergreen the Greenline 40 Hybrid surely qualifies. Twelve years after her launch in 2011 and after more than 100 units delivered this model not only matured but actually

gained on actuality and is attracting more market than ever. This decade also brought much better understanding of actual use and advantages of such a hybrid boat . Udo of Greenline USA is explaining how

the Greenline 40 Hybrid will improve your boating experience and life aboard in this interesting video made in Florida. The video clearly explains how such a small yacht not only makes your boating responsible and sustainable

but  improves your fun and convenience aboard at the same time. J&J Design as the founder of Greenline created the 40 and invites you to watch at the link:



Photo credits: xoboats.com


Our loyal client from Finland, the famous aluminium boats builder XO, won the prestigious Motorboat Award 2023 for the XO DFNDR 9. The award is hosted by the British Motor Boat & Yachting magazine and XO won the prize in the Adventure Boats category. J&J executed the naval architecture and engineering of the 9 m XO, and the exterior design was drawn in a shared effort between Jaakko Kantola and our office. XO continues its success conquering new markets which want a fast, seaworthy, strong,  practical and reliable boat for a true adventure in any weather or sea conditions. Bravo XO, we are proud to have been given the opportunity to work with you.