Sunbeam 46.1 - Boat of the Year 2019

Sunbeam 46.1 European Boat of the Year

Sunbeam 46.1 - Boat of the Year 2019

photo source: Sunbeam Yachts

During the Düsseldorf boat show BOOT on January 19th 2019 the European Yachts of the Year were chosen by jury members from the twelve sailing magazines: from Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany and Finland.
In category of luxury cruisers this “Oscar” of the sailing industry was won by Sunbeam 46.1, with second and third place taken by Hallberg Rassy 57 and Wauquiez 42.

From the official statement of the jury: “Sunbeam 46.1 was explicitely praised by her styling, functionality of the deck, cockpit ergonomy and the rig concept. Inside the jury loved the feel of the joinery and the tasteful ambient. But the point where she outshadowed all was her sailing performance.”

And, explaining the reasons for the winning vote, the president of the jury Jochen Rieker declared a short description of the Sunbeam 46.1 : ” A destilate of expertise and experience, a no-nonsence yacht designed and built with pedantic meticulousness.”

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Congratulations to Sunbeam Yachts for splendid execution of this yacht of the highest class. Sunbeam 46.1 was designed, engineered and tooled by J&J Design.